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BBC Ex-officer held over US death of unarmed black man Why has a US city gone up in flames? Trump targets China over Hong Hong
CNN George Floyd protests spread nationwide: Live updates Minneapolis ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck is in state custody George Floyd and Derek Chauvin once worked overlapping security shifts at the same nightclub
Google 8 notable details in the criminal complaint against ex-Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Trump announces China sanctions over Hong Kong, termination of WHO relationship CNN crew released from police custody after they were arrested live on air in Minneapolis
Business Insider Trump announces he's 'terminating' the US relationship with the World Health Organization - Business Insider Kylie Jenner is no longer a billionaire, according to Forbes - Business Insider Legal experts explain challenges in Derek Chauvin charges, prosecution - Insider
The Washington Post Derek Chauvin charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in death of George Floyd Derek Chauvin charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in death of George Floyd Derek Chauvin charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in death of George Floyd
Bloomberg Merkel's Christian Democrats Play Hardball With Coalition's Future in Balance Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Lululemon Won the Black Friday Weekend Italy Set to Approve $442 Million Loan to Keep Alitalia Flying
National Geographic This virologist saved millions of children—and stopped a pandemic Fishery managers seek to open Pacific monuments to fishing How to visit national parks as lockdowns lift
New Scientist Simulating dead bodies could help calculate an accurate time of death Covid-19 news: One in seven people in the UK have had visitors at home Grey hairs sometimes regain their colour when we feel less stressed
The Wall Street Journal Derek Chauvin, Former Officer Who Placed Knee on George Floyd’s Neck, in Police Custody Trump to Pull U.S. From WHO, Roll Back Special Policies for Hong Kong Beyond Hong Kong, an Emboldened Xi Jinping Pushes the Boundaries
Engadget Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review: Just a really good Android tablet The space race to re-engineer our imagined futures HBO Max is a mess -- but it's still a smart bet on HBO’s future
Hacker News Godot Editor running in a web browser Why is Kubernetes getting so popular? - Stack Overflow Blog Machine Learning Guide for Beginners
Fortune Career coach versus mentor: Which do you need? The officer involved in George Floyd’s death is arrested A WeWork rival gets ready for an IPO, even as offices stay shut
Al Jazerra Trump escalates US-China conflict with new sanctions, measures 14 million face hunger in Latin America: Live coronavirus updates Bangladeshis killed in Libya were abducted, tortured: Minister


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