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BBC Trump defends unproven coronavirus treatment again Iran blasts dummy US carrier with missiles Trump's shortcomings make a weak opponent look strong
CNN Republicans revolt against GOP's initial stimulus plan New GOP stimulus proposal cuts unemployment benefits - CNN Video Opinion: What McConnell is getting very wrong on the stimulus bill
Google Don Lemon, Chuck Todd make cameos at Barr hearing when Jim Jordan plays video of 'peaceful' protesters Senate GOP Balks At White House Push For New FBI Headquarters In COVID-19 Relief Bill Trump boasts deal with Kodak to fight coronavirus, calls Senate stimulus plan 'semi-irrelevant'
Business Insider AG William Barr House Judiciary Committee testimony: live updates - Business Insider Trump administration rejects new DACA applications, limits protections - Business Insider GOP lawmakers trying to add $30 billion for military projects in bill - Business Insider
The Washington Post Live updates: Protests continue as Barr defends federal response in Portland Live updates: Protests continue as Barr defends federal response in Portland Live updates: Protests continue as Barr defends federal response in Portland
National Geographic Why Puerto Rico has debated U.S. statehood since its colonization Tragic photos can change the course of history—but not always Women are on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19
New Scientist Which covid-19 treatments work and how close are we to getting more? Sarah Gilbert on how her team is making the Oxford coronavirus vaccine Endangered tigers have made a remarkable comeback in five countries
The Wall Street Journal Barr Defends Deploying Federal Agents to Protests in Showdown With House Democrats AMC, Universal Agree to Trim Theatrical Window Before Movies Go Online Kodak Shifts Into Drug Production With Help of a $765 Million U.S. Loan
Engadget Gogoro's Eeyo 1s is so light you almost forget it's an e-bike Sony's long-awaited A7S III is a videographer's dream Jabra Elite 45h review: Feature-packed $99 headphones
Hacker News felixrieseberg/macintosh.js Largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google
Fortune Americans remain politically divided on wearing a mask Sierra Club’s John Muir apology shows that racism in the outdoors was built by design How A.I. is helping doctors triage patients in urgent care
Al Jazerra Malaysia's Najib gets 12 years in jail for 1MDB-linked graft case After south Lebanon flare-up, more questions than answers Iran fires missile at mock US aircraft carrier during exercise


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