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BBC National Guard deployed after US police shooting What's happening at the Republican National Convention? The son who is Trumpier than Trump
CNN Tracking America's recovery Colleges and universities across US halt in-person classes and begin campus monitoring after rising coronavirus cases RNC 2020: Live updates and livestream
Google Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers address police shooting in Wisconsin Former RNC chair Michael Steele joins anti-Trump group Jerry Falwell Jr. agrees to resign from Liberty University, official says
Business Insider US stocks close at record highs on renewed hopes for fast-tracked virus treatments Postmaster General Louis DeJoy admits he doesn't know how much it costs to mail a postcard - Business Insider A maskless Melania Trump greets dozens of children and hugs some - Business Insider
The Washington Post RNC 2020 live updates: Republicans poised to formally renominate Trump RNC 2020 live updates: Donald Trump Jr., Tim Scott, Nikki Haley among speakers on convention’s first night RNC 2020 live updates: Donald Trump Jr., Tim Scott, Nikki Haley among speakers on convention’s first night
National Geographic Giant panda Mei Xiang gives birth at National Zoo The 19th Amendment, a century later: 'I’m surprised we are not further along' In lightning-struck California, the smoke is now scarier than the pandemic
New Scientist Ancient teenager buried with head poking out of strange Spanish grave Covid-19 news: Researchers find first case of coronavirus reinfection Solar system may have had a second sun that helped grab Planet Nine
The Wall Street Journal General Atlantic, Sequoia Capital Are Key Drivers in Oracle Bid for TikTok Salesforce, Amgen, Honeywell to Join Dow Jones Industrial Average ‘Fortnite’ Maker’s Apple Fight Leaves Some Developers Wary
Engadget Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Unabashedly over the top Google asks to test a new type of wireless broadband Google's smart displays will simplify multi-room audio
Hacker News Asana S-1 Being OK With Not Being Extraordinary One year of Nushell
Fortune A peak into Palantir’s financials The next global tech giant may come from India Why it’s not a bad sign that companies aren’t talking about Black Lives Matter anymore
Al Jazerra Trump accepts renomination as Republican convention begins Dozens feared trapped in building collapse in India's Maharashtra Libya: 2nd day of Misrata protests over corruption, poor services


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