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BBC Trump options narrow as Michigan backs Biden win Donald Trump Jr tests positive for coronavirus Can Trump overturn the election result?
CNN Analysis: Biden's margin of victory widens as Trump's subversion efforts grow more frantic Michigan House Speaker will meet with Trump on Friday, source says Biden's margin of victory over Trump surpasses 6 million votes
Google Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp certifies election results, calls for another hand recount One of Newsom's children quarantines after potential exposure from classmate at school Judge dismisses last election-related case pending in Arizona
Business Insider Doctors, officials in US coronavirus hotspots say they get villainized - Business Insider Twitter will hand @POTUS account to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day - Business Insider Trump considering order to target birthright citizenship in last weeks - Business Insider
National Geographic The Iroquois’ quest to compete in Olympic lacrosse: ‘It’s more than a game to us.’ Episode 4: The Search for History's Lost Slave Ships 'Dueling Dinosaurs' fossil, hidden from science for 14 years, could finally reveal its secrets
New Scientist What are the odds of dying if you're infected by the coronavirus? Covid-19 news: NHS drafts plan to vaccinate adults in England by April Microplastic pollution discovered near the top of Mount Everest
The Wall Street Journal Trump Courts State Lawmakers Amid Effort to Block Biden Win Biden Team Lacks Full U.S. Cybersecurity Support in Transition Fracas Fannie, Freddie Overseer Looks to End Federal Control Before Trump Leaves
Engadget How good is AMD's Ryzen 9 5950X for content creators? Amazon UK is investigating reports of stolen PS5 orders The latest 'Cyberpunk 2077' video shows off its ray-tracing features
Hacker News I miss working from the office Introducing Cover Your Tracks! Mvp.css – build your landing page with only semantic HTML
Fortune Dolly Parton loves you An unminted Black unicorn Top tech CEOs join this year’s Brainstorm Tech conference
Al Jazerra Ethiopia says it captured Tigrayan town of Adigrat Ethiopia: The forces fighting in Tigray in 500 words Why 30,000 refugees are fleeing Ethiopia


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