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BBC Diego Maradona: Mourners to visit legend's body as Argentina grieves Diego Maradona: Argentina football icon's off-pitch politics Paris police officers suspended over beating of black music producer
CNN Indigenous people across the US want their land back -- and the movement is gaining momentum After 250 years, Native American tribe regains ownership of Big Sur ancestral lands Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just featured a native land acknowledgment
Google Trump commits to stepping down if electoral college votes for Biden Gov. Andrew Cuomo says SCOTUS ruling on coronavirus restrictions is essentially a statement that "it's a different court." Trump says he'll travel to Georgia to support Republican Senate candidates in runoff election
Business Insider US hit record daily COVID-19 deaths since May on eve of Thanksgiving - Business Insider Donald Trump Jr. ends his COVID-19 isolation to celebrate Thanksgiving - Business Insider Photos show the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade under coronavirus rules - Insider
National Geographic AstraZeneca says COVID-19 vaccine is 70 percent effective China's new moon mission to return the first lunar samples since 1976 400 years ago, visitors to this painted cave took hallucinogens
New Scientist CRISPR gene editing of brain cells might prevent Alzheimer's disease Climate change may make autumn leaves fall early and store less carbon Covid-19 news: New tiers announced for England after lockdown ends
The Wall Street Journal Supreme Court Blocks Covid-19 Restrictions on Religious Services in New York New Face Masks Relieve Pressure on N95 Supplies The Dollar Is Weak. Investors Bet It Will Slide Even More.
Engadget The best Black Friday tech deals that are already available The best TV deals we could find for Black Friday Playing psychotherapist to a troubled AI in 'Syntherapy'
Hacker News How io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux Modern storage is plenty fast. It is the APIs that are bad. Ragya is the simplest way to discover & enjoy Indian classical music
Fortune Native Americans are reshaping U.S. politics 400 years after the Mayflower Are Joe Biden and Janet Yellen actually good for Bitcoin? It’s the age of the mega fund
Al Jazerra AstraZeneca says its COVID-19 vaccine needs ‘additional study’ Where are we in the COVID-19 vaccine race? Coronavirus vaccine: How will poorer countries get a fair shot?


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