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BBC 'My new life with a stranger's face' Elon Musk becomes world's richest person worth $185bn How a Trump rally turned deadly at the Capitol
CNN Washington DC riot news at US Capitol: Live Updates Trump asking aides and lawyers about self-pardon power Lindsey Graham blasts Trump and Giuliani over Capitol riots - CNN Video
Google Trump asking aides and lawyers about self-pardon power White House Condemns Violence On Capitol Hill Without Addressing Trump's Role Capitol Police chief resigning amid criticism over pro-Trump mob
Business Insider Biden calls Capitol Hill violence 'insurrection' and 'domestic terrorism' - Business Insider US Capitol riot is a warning sign that global democracy is in danger - Business Insider Pence opposes 25th Amendment effort to remove Trump, VP advisors say - Business Insider
National Geographic China approves use of Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine They spent 12 years solving a puzzle. It yielded the first COVID-19 vaccines. Need to complain? Here’s how Renaissance-era Venetians did it
New Scientist Meteorites may have brought water to Earth in the recent past Covid-19 news: A third of people in England's hospitals have the virus Jumping into a wormhole might cause it to contract and disintegrate
The Wall Street Journal Trump Agrees to Orderly Transfer of Power to Biden After Capitol Riots Biden Says Rioters Who Stormed Capitol Were Domestic Terrorists Congress Certifies Biden as Election Winner After Capitol Building Riots - Live Analysis
Engadget Sony's new Bravia XR TVs are all about 'cognitive intelligence' Mercedes-Benz made a 56-inch 'Hyperscreen' for its EQS electric car Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo, but got laughed out of the room
Hacker News CO2 already emitted will warm Earth beyond climate targets, study finds | CBC News The nuclear lighthouses built by the Soviets in the Arctic - BBC Reel Insurrectionists’ social media presence gives feds an easy way to ID them
Fortune COVID vaccine distribution gets off to a shaky start Roblox soars ahead of its public market debut Is social media to blame?
Al Jazerra Calls to remove Trump as fallout from Capitol assault continues Who are the US Capitol rioters? The 25th Amendment: Can Trump be declared unfit for office?


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